As URls images can also be ranked and be visible to users on the search.Hello folks, thank you for joining my course. In this lesson we're goin to cover all the image properties that we should consider the most in Local SEO and learn how to optimize the images for SEO to rank higher and drive more traffic.

The image properties in seo

Before you start uploading your images online you need to go into a lot of steps and, sometimes it's very hard to follow.

The checklist that I've made covers all the important image properties in SEO.

I use this checklist to not miss any criteria and to make sure to get more results with my work on the search.

For a good SEO practice we need to consider about three factors :

  • On image data has five criteria: filename,Alt-Text,Description,Keywords,Unique

  • In image data has six criteria: file size,filetype,image width,image height,image size, and copyright

  • In image tags data has four criteria: gps latitude gps longitude creation date relative altitude


Image Optimization Local/SEO V0.1-2022

demonstration seo images audit for a client

This is a quick audit for a client who has a slow loading website and many other issues .in this tutorial we will stay focused on the images optimization for a good SEO let's jump to it (Watch Video Course)

The Screaming Frog images audit

The audit processing step by step

  • Open up screaming frog And Start crawling the website

  • In the images tab, filter the list of the URLs over 100 kb

  • Export all the tables as CSV or excel format

Images Extraction from the URLs

  • Copy all the URLs from csv files

  • Create a raw txt file on the desk and past the URLs inside

  • Get a free version of download internet manager

  • Open DIM go to Tasks in bar menu click on import txt file

  • Import all the URLs and start the download.

Reading and writing image data with Digikam

    • Build a folder name it as “wedding photo seo”

    • Go to digikam import the folder

    • Open the image seo checklist

    • Check the Files name and edit

    • Check alt text and edit

    • Check the description and edit

    • Check the keywords if not add one

    • Compress the files

    • Convert the files to jpg

    • Add your copyright

    • Add the geotags

Watch The Video Course.