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how to index website on Google

To see if your website is indexed or not on the search engine, it's the first important SEO basic that you must know and deal with.

Verify with google search console

If you want your website to appear in the search you've got to let Google know about it, learn how to verify your website with Google search console.

Seo with Bing webmaster tool

Bing, Yahoo, and duckduckgo joined forces when it comes to search. This means that you only have to go to Bing Webmaster tools and get your site listed on the search.

easy way build sitemap xml

The Sitemap, As its name refers is also a roadmap that leads Google Bots to follow and crawl your pages, learn how to check and build a website sitemap.

How to create robots txt file

With the robots file you have more control of your website pages, and what you want the search engine to see or not see , What is the robots.txt how to create one.

setup robots text

When the robots file, incorrectly set up, it can negatively affect your SEO, with the wrong directives can do things as block pages and resources.

check if your website responsive

Today having a responsive website adapted to all sorts of devices is very important for SEO, when your website isn't responsive, leads to traffic loss

website loading speed seo

In Google's eyes, a website loading speed refers to how fast the crawler can read the HTML code and also how big is the size of the page, the less content you have the lighter is your page

google analytics website check

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and analyze website traffic.

google analytics installation

If you install GA on your website it allows you to see a lot of things how many visitors you get into your website and where they coming from also which pages they click on.

Domains health

It's always an advantage if you know more about your client's website, including domain health, SSL certificate, hosting provider.

redirection to secure path

It is important to let your visitors know you are secure and that their information will be protected, learn how.


keywords list satisfy your client

Building a local keyword list is a fundamental practice in SEO, in which the user searches for local terms and services nearby in the search engine to get served Learn how.

keyword research secret hack

keyword research is the important part of the SEO ranking Strategy learn how to narrow your keyword research and find out some valuable ranking opportunities.

quick way to build seo friendly content

If you aren't writing your own content then you should hire someone who knows about on-page SEO.


meta title best practice

The title tag is the bridge that stands between Google search results and your website if you don't optimize it well people cant click on it.

meta description best practice

The Meta description is one of the Google ranking factor , Meta has a huge impact on the page's CTR (click-through-rate) which can give a page, the ability to rank.

heading tag rank one

Each page should have one H1 tag So we can determine H1 as an HTML tag that is considered as heading, on a web page, learn the best SEO practices for the h1 tag.

check content with seo

Content SEO refers to creating content that helps your web pages to rank high in the search engines, including, writing skills and page structuring.

open graph social seo

The Og is what allows Facebook a boring URL and transforms it into a beautiful link preview, learn what's Open graph means? how to use and implement on your web page.

canonical links

A canonical tag is a snippet of HTML code that defines the main version of a duplicate, and similar pages learn how to use canonical tags.


near me optimization

learn how to extract Map URLs and also how to build geocoordinate external links for “near me optimization”

local seo footer

The footer section contains anything that is considered as fine print such copyright , privacy policy terms of use , however the footer navigation can also works very well for boosting your SEO.


backlinks internal external links

All the web is based on links its how the crawler follow and index one page to another they are three type of links internal-external and backlinks.

404 pages

Links that don’t lead anywhere are known as 'dead links' or 'broken links' learn how to identify 404 not found pages from any website And how to fix them.


landing page local seo

The main reason behind having a landing page with a targeted city is the ability to reach more visitors and drive sales from nearby locations.


visual rank local seo

As URLs images can also be ranked and be visible to users on the search learn more about image optimization for visual rank.

seo photographers


citations analysis rank one locally

Citations are one of the most important ranking factors in local SEO, the well-done analysis can give a client powerful local backlinks and a good ranking position in return.

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