The main reason behind having a landing pages with targeted city is the ability to reach more visitors and drive sales from nearby locations, Hello folks thank you for joining my course in this lesson we're going to learn what things to consider in local SEO while building those city pages


The first thing you to consider is on page SEO ,and what's come with it, the page must be well optimized with a clean HTML structure.

The second thing to take into consideration is the meta elements, the local SEO checklist covers all these elements check down below in the landing page section let's jump to it.



THE TITLE TAG is an HTML markup that specifies a title of web page however the title of a targeted city landing page must contain targeted keywords such as location and brand, respond to the search intent and motivate the users to open the website.

Brand+Keyword+Location+trigger emotions

ps: the title length must be 35-60 character

THE META DESCRIPTION has a huge impact on a page's CTR (click-through-rate) which can give to a page the ability to rank, the use of the meta description is pretty simple when you build those city pages the description must include the primary keyword that are you ranking for and the location this is for the search engine when it comes to users the good meta description has that eye break it can be a special character or just an offer that you can't miss make you stand off the competition and attract users to click on it.

The Correct Format

Primary keyword + location+ brand+call the action(Free resources,giveaway, or promotion)

NAP Stands for name address and phone number , also called as citation ,the nap must be well structured with no mistakes ,sticking the nap in the footer can be a very effective way to let the search engine know your location.

HEADING TAGS The H1 tag is one of the signals showing the search engine how the page is structured, the tag must be unique, describing what's in the body content.

  • The H2 tag one of the best practices is to answer users' questions and every idea responds to one paragraph.

  • The H3 tag is a section of what the business has to offer (services).

  • The H4 tag is the happy ending, a giveaway section free stuff the users is always lucrative.

URL STRUCTURE The URL must be descriptive with the targeted keyword with a short and easy to read structure.

For example:https//example.com/placename-brand-keyword better than “example.com/index.php”

Ps: think about the way the users looking for a webpage or services

GEOTAGGED HTML PAGE The Html geotags are meta tags that provide information about the geographical location of the web page. They inform search robots where the web page is located.

The geo html code example:

<meta name="geo.region" content="US-KS" />

<meta name="geo.placename" content="Topeka" />

<meta name="geo.position" content="39.041322;-95.677369" />

<meta name="ICBM" content="39.041322, -95.677369" />

After you mark the entire code, copy it to the clipboard (right mouse button and copy or Ctrl-C). Then open your web page in your HTML editor and paste the code into the header section (between <head> und </head>).

Geotags provide machine-readable information about country, region and exact, latitude/longitude coordinates that make it easy for the search engine to handle the regional request and other nearby searches.

THE SCHEMA MARKUP is additional information to help the search engines better understand your content. having a schema-rich snippet can improve the display of your page on the search results, For example, the first search result above contains both a star rating and a local business address.

Both of these can be added using Schema, let me work you through three steps to create your local business schema for a landing page.

First Generating the markup

Second Test your code

Third Deploy the code on your website>

Open up> the markup helper

Select the data type “local business”

Submit your URl and start tagin

Tag your NAP details and as much information as possible

After Generating the code

Download the code as JSON-LD( recommended by Google)

Implement your code into the body section And it's done.

You can check if your code is validated here>

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