urls map building for near me optimization

Hello folks, thank you for joining my course. In this lesson, we're going to learn how to extract Map URLs and also how to build geocoordinate external links for “near me optimization” Lets jump to it.


Open up google maps a quick search where is your online business located ,there's two options: searching by geo coordinate or by typing the address in the small box filed is up to you,But I highly recommend using the geo coordinates to narrow your research and It's more specific .

After you find out the place on the map, zoom in to get inside the right radius range.

Type on your niche then scroll down and click on search places nearby current view

Next click on the business that match with your niche and nearby you pick 3 or 5 urls is enough otherwise it will look spammy.

Now we are going to extract Map URLs and build our external links

This is the right format.

<a href="url map" title=geocode>anchor keyword a>

For Example

<p><a title="@39.0454139,-95.6483078" href="https://www.google.com/maps/search/Restaurants/@39.0366935,-95.6815606,15z/data=!4m11!2m10!3m6!1sRestaurants!2sLower+Plumbing+Heating+%26+Air+Conditioning,+501+SE+17th+St,+Topeka,+KS+66607,+United+States!3s0x87bf033de56f0a13:0x1a46b4a5ee35b10d!4m2!1d-95.6728064!2d39.036724!5m1!6sgcid:mexican_restaurant!6e5">Mexican Restaurants near me </a></p>

The hyperlink

Mexican Restaurants near me

Do not over stuff keywords, inside the footer navigation cause Google hates that keep in mind is the zone of extra helpful links only.

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